Neumàticas de Vigo, S.A.U. (Neuvisa) holds a privileged spot in the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) market in that it has become known for its quality and reliability.

Its ever spreading client base being centred on Europe, the products are marketed with two distinct model ranges, the Neuvisa range for the leisure market and the Tarpon range for the professional market.

One of our goals is to use the production techniques available to match the needs of the market. We also strive to meet the customers’ expectations with respect to their RIB and to achieve this we are flexible and work together with the dealer and end user to define the boat they require.

Neuvisa products are produced to last using proven lamination technology with respect to GRP production and material fusion technology with respect to tube production. The technologies used allow Neuvisa to produce products that are both safe and reliable.

Neuvisa forms part of the Rodman Group and in so doing assumes the corporate challenges that have been set:

to provide a return on investment to its stockholders, to generate employment, to play a social role in the community, and last but not least to respect the environment.




With four factories distributed between Spain and Portugal, the group has the largest industrial surface of the sector, adding a total of 240.000 m2 which 66.000 m2 of the area are covered surface, allowing to confront an ambitious plan of international expansion which aim is to reach exportation’s ratio of 85 medium-term %.

The total surface is divided between Metalships and Docks in Vigo, Rodman Polyships in Moaña, Rodman Lusitania in Valença do Minho (Portugal) and Neuvisa in Moaña.

Between these enclaves, it is necessary to emphasize the recent facilities of the Neuvisa´s shipyard. These new facilities represent the summit of the company and its vision of leadership. Endowed with the most modern and advanced equipments and systems of Europa’s production, its industrial capacity leads the national market.


The dedication of the team at Neuvisa to bringing the customer what he requires is achieved by the continuous training in production methods and design. The use of high grade materials in the form of resins, gel coat and fibreglass for the GRP as well as high grade PVC and polyurethane for the tubes allows us to produce a safe and reliable product.


On year 2009 the company achieves the ISO 9001 quality certificate. Quality Control is in application from the very beginning of the production process, from the definition of the product to the final delivery. This allows us to offer the following warranty:

  • Two years on the complete boat
  • Five years on the tube material and thermo welded seams