Built to be light but not to compromise the strength of the boats the TD range has all the qualities of the larger boats, built for safety and reliability. These qualities make it the perfect tender being light, easy to transport and store. The additional handle at the bow makes it easy to tow and the standard GRP fisherman bench is more durable and resistant than the traditional wood bench.

Technical Specifications

Characteristics TD-24 TD-26 TD-30 TD-35
Overall Lenght 2,49m 2,65m 3,02m 3,50m
Inner Length 1,65m 2,03m 2,25m 2,74m
Overall Beam 1,54m 1,60m 1,63m 1,66m
Inner Beam 0,79m 0,93m 0,93m 0,92m
Maximum Depth 0,61m 0,61m 0,61m 0,61m
Tube Diameter 0,40m 0,40m 0,41m 0,42m
Nº Chambers 2 2 2 3
Max. Engine 5 CV/3,7 kW 6 CV/4,4 kW 10 CV/20 kW 20 CV/15 kW
Rec. Engine 3,5 CV/2,5 kW 4 CV/2,9 kW 8 CV/6 kW 13,5 CV/9,9 kW
Shaft Type Corto/S Corto/S Corto/S Corto/S
Boat Weight 31 kg 37 kg 50 kg 70 kg
CE Category D D D C
Nº of Persons 3 3 4 4
Max. Capacity Weight 340 kg 375 kg 465 kg 580 kg

Equipment and Colours

Serie Equipment

  • Non slip deck.
  • Mooring Eyes.
  • Foot Pump.
  • High Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Oars and Oarlocks (TD-24 / 26 / 30).
  • Paddles.
  • Fishermans Bench (TD-24 / 26 / 30).
  • Repair Kit.
  • Stern and Bow Lifting Eyes.
  • Rubbing Strake.
  • Lifting Handles.
  • Deck Drain Plug.
  • External Lifelines.
  • Inner Transom Protection Plate.
  • External Transom Protection Plate.


  • White.
  • Light Grey.
  • Yellow.
  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Navy Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Grey
  • Black